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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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I can see how that would be useful.. I can also see that some people wouldn't want it to behave like that, so it would have to be an option.

But let me ask about an alternative.. what if past matching *search* history was shown in the result list as you type? would that solve what you are interested in?

what if past matching *search* history was shown in the result list as you type?-mouser (June 24, 2010, 04:25 AM)
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If by "matching" you mean what I mean - to display only the history which matches the letters I have typed - then yes, your solution is actually even better.

I would use that I lot, personally. One use case is google search - if I want to search again with the same thing I searched an hour ago it would be as simple as typing "gs wh" and get "gs whatever I searched for before which was really long", e.g. Going to websites is easy too - I actually use FARR to enter URL's, not IE, so that would be extremely useful there.

P.S. But you must show the matching history AFTER I press CTRL + UP, so it's not necessary to show a result list "as I type". Just once I ask for the history - I get it filtered by the letters I've typed in the beginning. Obviously, you could make that even more complicated to not search only in the beginning for a match, but I think that's a bit overkill. :)

I would like the ability to have more control over what gets added to the launch history list.  Say don't ad any file from a specific dir and its subdirs
Also, the %APPDRIVE% variable doesn't seem to valid in the External Tools section.


Would you consider looking at ASLR and DEP for FARR (and DCU)?

Would you consider a native amd64 build for those of us running amd64 Windows?  (That's quite a lot of people, now.)  (Also, ASLR is even more easily bypassed in a mere 4GB (or really 3.2GB-or-so) address space.)

I've tested adding perma-DEP and ASLR (/NXCOMPAT and /DYNAMICBASE, respectively) to the DCU and FARR2 executables and support DLLs, with MSVC10-Express' toolchain, and FARR2's speed has dropped drastically.  I think this is because it wasn't compiled properly for ASLR to start, as opposed to something that would happen to FARR2 with ASLR added at link (compile?) time originally.

Perma-DEP by itself doesn't appear to affect performance, nor should it.

Thanks for such a great and useful tool!

welcome aloishammer  :up:

i'm afraid i'm totally ignorant about ASLR and Perma-DEP.  could you point me to something gentle i could read and maybe elaborate a little on why you think this would be useful?


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