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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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Keyboard issue fixed at my machine  :Thmbsup:

What do you mean with to "check if hotkey configuration still works fine" ? My FARR-launch hotkeys are working fine (but Im using language independent setting Win+Alt+Space). What other hotkeys should I check to help you with this?

I think we should be fine with the hotkey configuration, so you can disregard that request.  Glad to here to the issue is fixed -- thanks for your patience.  I think I'll push out an official update tonight.  :Thmbsup:

I would like the program to read and display the file comments. Comments formed in Total Commander and located in files "descript.ion" (ctrl+z in TC). Mayby next option in Report Column

I'm having a little bit of problem with the "Custom browser" feature.

I'm using FARR (v2.206.01) in portable mode and I'm trying to use a custom browser instead of the default one.
If I enter the full path to the browser it works OK, but if I enter a system variable then it doesn't work.
For example I have a system variable %PORTABLE% that points to my portable drive where FARR and my browser are located.
If I try to write in the Custom Browser field : "%PORTABLE%\browser\browser.exe $$1" them it doesn't work, but if I write "f:\browser\browser.exe $$1" then it works correctly.
In this case the %PORTABLE% = f:

If I enter %PORTABLE%\browser\browser.exe in FARR's dialog then it starts the browser correctly, so it seems that only the "Custom browser" setting lacks the ability to use system variables.

Is there any workaround ?

Thanx in advance.

I'll fix this in next release and try to get an update out this month.


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