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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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So FARR is doing that?
I've recently gotten a laptop with windows 8 and it was driving me nuts with constantly adding a en-US culture/keyboard layout. I never tracked it down to FARR.

:) Lucky you. I've spent a full week to figure wtf is going on with my language switcher. I overwrote my default confiigurations, hacked through registry, trying to not connect to any RDPs (I thought that initial cause was that RDP adds server layouts and not removing it properly). But only when I shutdown all my startup programs one by one and logging in and off each time - I figured that it's FARR. The "Bad" side of all my studies   - I realised that I can't just stop using FARR - it's too damn addictive.

Gulp! I forgot about this bug.. I'll be working on it this weekend!  :-[

Ok i see where the problem is, i'll have a beta version to test on sunday.

Can you guys try this beta and see if it fixes the keyboard layout problem (and also please check if hotkey configuration still works fine):

* or


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