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Good Article For Beginners On Version Control (w/ Pictures & Examples)

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I was not too happy with the tons of copies generated every day.
-jandi (October 22, 2007, 02:09 AM)
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Complementing tinjaw reply, you can adjust FileHamster to limit the amount of copies you wish to keep. Above that limit, it starts deleting old versions. I use this approach together with the one cited by tinjaw. In my case, I've adjusted to not save within the period of 5 minutes. You can find these options with a right-click above the folder been monitored (inside FileHamster's main window), choosing "Options" and going to "MaxRevisions".

something's missing..
where the picture of the user screaming at the computer screen when he can't get the thing to check out properly because of some nonsensical error?
-mouser (October 01, 2007, 07:42 PM)
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* f0dder remembers mouser trying to set up subversion on the server.
on linux the commandline main svn programs are fine -- but if you are hosting an svn repository, do expect to struggle a little to get it up and running initially.
-mouser (October 02, 2007, 09:56 AM)
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Well, if you do have some unix/linux experience, subversion is actually extremely easy to set up. Especially if you have a distro with a decent package manager (and you choose to use it). All it takes is running svnserve with a few well-explained command-line parameters, and "svnadmin create" to create a repository.

What's harder, and requires reading the handbook, is choosing a decent layout. And this can be hard when you're starting with subversion, I know I certainly messed up myself: first I thought I'd use a single repository for all my stuff. Once I moved to repo-per-project I didn't think about stuffing files in a "dev" (or "trunk" or "current" or whatever you want to call it) subfolder, etc...

And then there's of course getting into the habit and mindset of using version control, which tends to be the hardest, at least for some people. But it's nice once you get everything clicking into place.

The thing that remains for me, personally, is some commit log dicipline, deciding on some tags to add, and a format that's easily grepable so I can write a changelog.txt automagically...


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