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Autosave for QuarkXPress 4.x


This may be impossible, but I work at a newspaper and we use Quark Xpress 4.11 throughout the building. Page designers are notorious for having a ton of open documents in Quark at all times. Then when quark crashes they lose a ton of work and we (I.T.) get the blame.

Quark's Ctrl-S saves the current document, not the underlying ones. As far as I can tell there is no "save all" command. I'd love to save all their docs every 15 mins or so.

We constantly tell them to save early and often, but.. well people are lazy.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Also need to mention that the built-in autosave function in Quark saves the document locally to the C drive and breaks our database link. It should save to the network but doesn't and breaks the reporters queues.

Attached is an AHK script I wrote but it is pretty intrusive in that it freezes all input while saving and crashes Quark if it is flowing text when it activates.


You might be better off trying to do a script that takes the documents that quark saves locally and puts them properly on your network, maybe with a timestamp? That should be less intrusive


I too have the same problem at my workplace. Did you get any permanent working solution for the same. If  yes then please share it with me.


Never did get a solution.  sry..   :(


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