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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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I see. Thanks! I'll try both when I get home, they look very classy :)

Hey mouser, congratulations on hitting the public beta milestone! Everything works great and runs fast and efficient. The only thing I was disappointed about was the folder navigation bug I posted before:

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the plugins feature. It's like Firefox where you get to put together your own toolbox.  :Thmbsup:

There are some obtrusive default settings:

1. custom skinning enabled
Respect of corporate look should have priority for productivity tools.
2. bump sound when calling the console
As it's the expected result that an application opens when it is told to open, a success sound is redundant as long it isn't started with a delay.

Options are lacking comfort:
1. no apply button
2. two rows of tabs, tab order is not fixed, this is against all usability recommendations

I suggest switching to a decent tree view dialog with OK, Cancel and Apply button to clean up the mess.


A tree view configuration is probably a good idea.

To all users,

Please post each new BUG REPORT in it's own thread. Do not use this thread for bug reports. You can add them to the Find And Run Robot forum. After one is posted, we will add it to the FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking Thread. This will help eliminate the clutter that was the old bug tracking thread.

Thanks for your help!



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