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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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Hi Mouser,

The new beta (v2.107.02) crashes for me when typing '%' to list environment variables, followed by pressing the spacebar. In the picture I pressed them in quick succession, hence no environment variables were displayed at all. However, even if you press %, wait till the list gets populated and then press space it happens.

Some testing leads me to believe this only occurs when the Core-Misc.alias file is missing from %FARRDIR%\AliasGroups\Installed\Core_Aliases. I don't like all the aliases FARR comes with (websites, search etc) so I tend to remove all contents of Core_Aliases to get rid of them. Me removing all those files is actually caused by the cumbersome process to disable every built-in alias through the Options dialog; you have to select every alias/group from the dropdown, then uncheck the box 'Enable alias'. It would be nice to have a way to disable / enable all aliases at once =)

How strange!

I don't think removing core aliases is the cause of this problem, but i'm not sure what is..

I'm guessing you might have one of your own aliases configured to use %?

Can you do a little more experimenting to figure out what's going on?

The special use of % is actually governed by a new alias "AliasGroups\Installed\EnvVars\EnvVars.alias", so if you delete/disable that you will see behavior when it is around.

Love to hear some more clues about what might be causing this.

Version 2.107.04 - Sep 23, 2012 - Beta

* [Feature] Built in replacement vars (e.g. %WINDIR%) now accept lowercase version as well (%windir%)
* [Feature] Environmental replacement now performed in search box text.
* [Feature] New option to use generic icons for folders when directory browsing -- speeds up win8 browsing and in cases where custom dynamic folder icons are used.
* [Feature] Added auto-completing environmental variable listing feature/alias; type % to see list of all environmental variables.
* [BugFix] Last selected alias file was not always remembered between runs.
* [MinorChange] Right-clicking on a result to bring up context menu now stops any running search.
* [Improvement] Small improvement in caching item icons for faster display of updating search results.
* [BugFix] Fixed crash when displaying dates on files whose file timestamp is after year 9999.
* [Feature] You can now tell FARR what to do when you hit enter and there are no results showing, by setting the new option on the Launching Files tab (this used to require creating a special noresults alias); FARR will remind you of this the first time you hit enter when there are no results.
* [Feature] Added shellexec special virtual launch string command that simulates typing a line into a dos command console (e.g. supports arguments and will launch executables on the system path); changed default run alias to use.
* [Feature] First experimental attempt to have CapsLock trigger for FARR preserve caps lock state.
* [Feature] New experimental tweak option on Display Options tab, labeled "Speed up display by avoiding lookup of some icons"; disabled by default.  Enabled if some search results cause a pause in your FARR when displaying them.
* [Change] Removed Ctrl+Alt+O shortcut, as it could conflict with some diacriticals.
* [Improvement] Improved speed of large directory listings.
* [Change] Default options are now to show 100 (previously was 30) entries in directory browsing mode; and not show more by default (previous was to do +sall) on directory browsing.
* [Improvement] Huge speedup in displaying results in some cases.
* [Feature] New alias options to show certain aliases only on certain versions of windows (used in control panel alias).
* [Feature] Brand new Windows-8 updated control panel alias (cpanel) and windows admin control center (mmc), created by DC member Josh.
* [Feature] Added new "Add Alias" button to alias tab, which automatically brings user to the myaliases.alias file if the currently selected alias file is read-only.
* [Improvement] Miscellaneous improvements to working with aliases and other options lists; now remembers your position in the list as you edit/add/delete items.
* [Major Improvement] Huge speedup in displaying results in some cases, Huge speedup in directory browsing speeds.

As always folks, if the admin tools don't work for you, let me know!

Thanks for the help, Jesse!

v2.107.04 is a new update with substantially improved search speeds in some cases, especially directory listings, and especially for machines with slow antivirus engines.

But i'm a little nervous about the possibility that i may have broken some alias parsing, parsing where commandline parameters are being passed to executables, so let me know if you spot anything.


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