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Latest FARR Release 2.238.01 beta - Dec 30, 2019

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FARR 3.0 will include an option for indexing and probably a revamped plugin system.  release date unknown.
-mouser (March 03, 2012, 03:00 PM)
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Hi Mouser

FARR is one of my "must install" apps on every new PC!

Not sure where to put this feature request but that why I like DC - very accepting of our human limitations. :)

Please would you consider a "Clone Entry" or "Copy Entry" option in the Lists-> search folder settings. I.e. if I have a current folder added, it will copy all the settings into the dialog box so I can just add a new name!

Thanks for fantastic software.

Thanks for the kind words anishm -- Clone entry sounds like a reasonable idea.

Small update:

Version 2.105.01 - April 1, 2012

* [Feature] New option to position FARR window centered on current monitor when triggered.
* [Feature] For portable users, program now checks for ConfigDir_Default.ini if ConfigDir.ini not found; prevents your custom ConfigDir.ini file from being overwritten when unpacking portable distribution zip.
* [Feature] For portable users, StartWithWindows option now starts unchecked on first use, if running in portable mode.
* [Feature] ConfigDir.ini directory now supports environmental variable replacement, including %COMPUTERNAME%.
* [Feature] Pressing Ctrl while you hit Enter will now launch the selected (or first if in search box) item AND keep the FARR window open.
* [Doc] Added note about excluding FARR from Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus for better performance.

Note: I made the new "center on current cursor window" default, so people would discover the feature.  To disable and have FARR always remember where it was last shown, go to the Display Options tab and uncheck the relevant checkbox.

Thanks for the update :)

Made a screenshot to aid in enabling / disabling the centering on current monitor behavior:

Latest FARR Release 2.238.01 beta - Dec 30, 2019


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