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Latest FARR Release 2.238.01 beta - Dec 30, 2019

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FARR v2.104.02 does find the Snipping Tool.lnk from my start menu and launch the tool. This testing was done under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit also. What fun, a moving target!

Thanks to lanux128 for some tips.  SnippingTool will launch from FARR here if it's via the .lnk locatable via the Start Menu.

Is anyone else getting new exception errors under win7 with one of my plugins installed?  I have a feeling that the new use of a manifest file in the new build of FARR is causing windows to be more strict about plugins trying to save their options under program files\ instead of in user doc area.  I think i may have to release an update of my plugins asap..

I uploaded new versions of all my plugins that should fix the problem I hope.

Under Win7-64 Home Premium, running FARR v2.104.02:
%windir%\system32\SnippingTool.exe (is the link in the Start Menu) - does not execute in FARR.
C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe - does not execute in FARR.
C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe.lnk - does not execute in FARR.
C:\Workdata.001\Download\SnippingTool.exe.lnk - DOES execute in FARR.

Conclusion: a .lnk for SnippingTool will execute only if it is outside of the C:\Windows\System32\ directory.

after some discussion with hamradio, we noticed that the missing snipping tool is related to a windows component called "tablet pc component". it is worth a try to see if that is consistent with all the other PCs plagued with this problem.


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