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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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One of the features i want to add very soon is an OPTION to say that FARR should not try to match aliases or plugins unless you start your search with a special character.  this could help avoid situations where people are having aliases accidentally trigger when they dont want them to.

so if the option was enabled for example then if you just type search words it will only match against files on your disk.
and to get an alias you would do like @music, at which point it would ONLY match against aliases.
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maybe you could do it by adding a new dosearch command :

that way one could specify how to trigger it

mouser, you forgot to update the "Version" string in the .dcupdate file :)

thanks for the heads up, will fix now.

Not sure if that's what the update was today or not.. fixing the version info.. but in the help file it now says the latest version is 2.24.01 but has the same changelog as the update 2.23.01. Which isn't actually present in the help file.


I have never noticed this before so I think it is a new behavior. In XP Pro, when Dcupdater auto-installs a new version of FARR, FARR immediately restarts when the installation is complete.  On my notebook, running Vista Ultimate, it has always done the same as far as I can remember.  But after the installation of 2.24.01 it did not; I had to start FARR manually from the Start>All Programs menu.

Must be an issue in Vista because after the XP Pro installation via Dcupdater FARR restarted itself.



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