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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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Why I prefer Launchy to FARR

•   When I want to update Launchy (or even just to check for updates) I don’t get the DonationCoder Updater Utility Not Found message appearing.

Yes, I suppose it’s there to help me but I don’t want that help.  I just want to know if there is a newer version of the program available and ready for download on the web.

•   When I typed into Launchy and hit Return it took me to on the net.  When I typed into FARR and hit Return it took me to a website that was stored in my My Documents folder.

•   When I type x into Launchy it knows that I want to open Xmind and subsequently puts only that into the suggestion box.  If that wasn’t what I wanted then I could hit my down arrow to access other suggestions.

In FARR I get too many suggestions.  I only want to launch a program.  When I’m in that program I can then decide which files I want to open.

•   Similarly, when I type mo it’ll be there ready with Microsoft Money, whereas if I add an n to make mon it’ll offer MediaMonkey.  It seems to learn what I want to the point where it’s almost intuitive.

•   Launchy is a simple interface with simple Options… not a complicated mess of ‘tweak this’ and ‘tweak that’ to get… whatever! 

Why don’t you make a ‘lite’ version that doesn’t have all of those complications?  Then, and only then, if I want to complicate my searching life later on, I can use the full version and go online to the forum and get really confused!

Ok, so maybe some of the above are quite trivial, but you did ask me why I preferred Launchy, Mouser.  :)

fair enough.. ill chew over your comments and think about if some of these things can't be done better in farr.

i think we went over this some time back and generally it was agreed that one of Farr's appeal is an array of features which users can tweak to their own liking. this was preferable than the program second-guessing users' every action and end up being more of a hindrance.

i suggest new users taking the time to go through mouser's handy screencast videos to make the most of Farr's robustness and flexibility.

Yes, I suppose I can agree with lanux128, mouser.  If/when I'm ready I'll try ascending to a higher level using FARR! :-)
Meanwhile, it'll be my 2nd choice.  You can't please everyone!

Different strokes for different folks as they say!  I think Lanux touched on my general feeling about trying to be too smart about learning what they user intends in a non-transparent way -- in general i'm wary of things like this because i feel like predictability is really important.  But everyone has different styles.


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