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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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One of the features i want to add very soon is an OPTION to say that FARR should not try to match aliases or plugins unless you start your search with a special character.  this could help avoid situations where people are having aliases accidentally trigger when they dont want them to.

so if the option was enabled for example then if you just type search words it will only match against files on your disk.
and to get an alias you would do like @music, at which point it would ONLY match against aliases.

That did it.  Which of those aliases can I uncheck without disturbing the launching function?  Which is all I use anyway.




just uncheck the upper right checkbox to turn off all use of aliases in a given file.

or wait a few days for me to implement that feature im talking about.

OK - Thanks mouser.



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