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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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Whoa.  Much, much weirdness.  To the point where I just cranked up my old ObjectDock+ and started using it again, and I'm running without FARR for the first time in over a year.

I don't know what was done with the last few versions - or maybe the plugins - but I can no longer easily get FARR to find my programs - instead it is finding everything but.  Program I am trying to launch is usually down around 10 or 12 on trhe list.

Dccupdater has been going nuts lately all with FARR + plugin updates - several a day.  But I can't use it as is.  Think I might disable Dcupdater and install an older version.


BTW, where can I get the previous versions - that a problem with using the updater - you lose the older versions.


Just a minor update but fixes an annoying bug people have been complaining about (sorry it took so long to fix):
[BugFix] - Pressing enter when a partial alias with one result should launch the alias but was autocompleting it instead; fixed.

I hope to have another release this weekend with some new good features.

I don't know if this is because FARR is being made into more of a search engine than a launcher, but some terms still bring up too much other junk than the application I want to launch.

E.g., when I type in "Music", trying to open Music Collector, I instead get about 30 URLs for various music stores/web sites.  I right-click and tell FARR to ignore these but they come right back - I have never even been to these web sites and have no desire to go there.

What is doing this?  If it is the plugins, how the heck do I lose them?  Dccupdater installed all the plugins that I have NO use for.


ok first of all, there is a music alias that may be causing this trouble for you.
go to the alias tab in options, select Core_Aliases\Core-Search.alias at top
and UNCHECK the music alias (or if you prefer, disable this entire alias group by unchecking checkbox at top right).

see if that helps.

if not, go to your search folders tab in options and disable all but start menu folders. see if that helps.


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