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Latest FARR Release 2.250.0 beta - Mar 23, 2020

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mouser, what is the difference between the new and the old launch method? I do not see any mentioning in the help file.

there's a checkbox missing "Run Find and Run Robot Now?" at the end of upgrade? It happens on my Vista Business laptop, not on the desktop XP.
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because of Vista's security measures, the setup program runs as an Administrator automatically.  i don't offer the user the option of launching the program at the end of the installer because if i do, it runs as administrator instead of normal user account, and causes all kinds of havok.  there may be a better way for me to handle this case but the safest is to just remove that option when installing on vista.

mouser, what is the difference between the new and the old launch method?
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technically the differences is that one uses ShellExec and one uses ShellExecEx and attempts to specify the class name for documents.  in PRACTICAL terms, you shouldn't leave the setting alone unless FARR has trouble launching files or documents for you.  I don't really understand why but for some people one method works and not the other.

Thanks for an explanation. Not a big issue, anyway.

A minor issue: In the 'Plugins and updates' dialog in options, under the Program Update Checking section, it says "Last Successful Check: [somedate]"

Well, try going offline and click the "Check for Updates Now" button. What happens is that even before the check is made, the date of "Last Successful Check" is changed, even if being offline obviously means the check can't be successful. So technically, the date is referring to the last check, regardless of whether the check was successful or unsuccessful! ;)

Suggestion: Either change the caption to "Last check" and maybe information if it was successful or unsuccessful OR just don't change the date if the check is unsuccessful.

With recent versions some weird issue has been introduced. I find myself needing to restart Farr multiple times a day. What happens is that Farr becomes unresponsive, but not in a cpu wasting way. When I bring Farr window, first no history is shown, second typing keywords or commands do not do anything. It feels like Farr window is just a window without any functionality. I am pretty sure that this has been a result of frequent use of html view based functions - aliases. Because I seem to get this more when I use html view function to quesry some websites like dictionaries.


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