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FARR slow searching/pauses - tips

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FARR runnning on my Windows 7 laptop with SSD always hangs on "Searching C:\Program Files (x86)\Findandrunrobot\scripts" for several seconds.

- I'm not running any scripts
- Removed and reinstalled FARR (deleted all configuration files)
- Tried the beta with the "speed up by avoiding looking up icons" setting

Still the problem remains. Any ideas?

I just uploaded a new beta yesterday to fix a slowdown hang, can you try it:

* or
And let me know if it solves your issue?

@mouser: I have just installed FARR v2.226.01 Beta.
Do you you recall that I reported some time back that FARR had a relatively frequent and annoying habit of not properly coming to the foreground when it was invoked? This would repeat.

Well, it might be a coincidence, but this latest version seems to come very promptly to the foreground when invoked. Touch wood maybe you have inadvertently fixed that problem. I'll let you know if/when the problem ever returns.


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