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Locate32 Plugin for FARR by Okke

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Dang! How'd I miss that one? I haven't gotten around to trying out the plug-in so hadn't noticed that the exe path was pointing at a virtual CD drive that I have installed on my system (!) but I did go into the Advanced configuration settings to poke around and didn't even notice it! For everyone else, you can change the location here:

Got into FARR Options and select the Plugins, Updates, and Fonts tab, click on the Click to Examine and Configure Plugins button, select Locate32 and then select Configure Advanced Plugin Options. You'll see a field to change the path there:

Locate32 Plugin for FARR by Okke

does that mean you've been running the locate plugin off your F drive all this while? :)

Er... yup! Not a big deal as I was using Dash Command until about three hours ago and only just got around to firing up FARR and using it in earnest (thus I hadn't noticed...). Still, kind of funny when you think that I posted a few days ago about how to change the number of hits returned by the plugin - the field to change this is right below the field to change the path to the exe file... Oblivious...


Thanks for the suggestion. I've been thinking about that myself as well. I'll probably change both location options in the advanced
configuration to 1 and just ask for the directory where locate32 is installed (and set it to the default location by default) instead
of asking for the .exe files.

For now:
If someone hasn't changed the location and tries to type "loc <something>" and the paths aren't correct you'll be notified though
and the advanced configuration dialog comes up immediately. So it shouldn't be confusing for new users in that sense though.

Okke: thanks, merging both of the options and prompting the user is a good idea since they'd be in the same folder.. but i'm just wondering if there isn't a key in registry that points to the Locate EXE file..


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