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Locate32 Plugin for FARR by Okke

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The first version of the plugin is now released :)

The plugin will be available through dcupdater soon but for now here is the link for people want to play with it:

Let me know if you run into any problems. Since it's the first time I've written a plugin for FARR and the Delphi
framework itself is new as well there could be some small issues. Sofar I haven't had any problems with it myself
but you never know how people are going to use it :)

I'm looking into how I can add some useful scoring and other more complex stuff. Right now it just lists the results
in the FARR results window. If anyone has an idea on how to best add the scoring......;)

Good luck!

And Mouser, thanks for the webspace/email! You rock!


[edited to correct url -- mouser]

i just had a FARR exception error when specifying the locate.exe folder, after a FARR restart it seems to work very nicely  :Thmbsup:

i think i will have to get to know locate a bit more now that you've released this plugin

Thanks again  :D !

is there a way to use Okke's plugin to update "my music dosearch alias" :

--- ---Music album search $$1 | dosearch -alias +folder_music +open_winamp +\ $$1
the real issue i guess is the action keyword +open_winamp....

it would be really really powerful to combine this plugins with dosearch commands AND with action keyword, is it possible ?

Cheers, Nitrix

Great Okke! Thanks for posting this and welcome to Donationcoder! I'm downloading it now and will give it a spin  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for being the first to try it nitrix-ud ;). You like being on dangerous ground? :P

The exception is strange though. I quickly tried some different situations but can't reproduce the exception error.

If anyone else has gets the exception error as well let me know. Let me know what windows version,
where locate is located and such. Maybe I'll be able to reproduce it then. Hate exception errors :)

Let me know if there are any other strange problems.

Lol, just wanted to post the above and you beat me with another reply nitrix :)

If you can mail me with some ways you use or like to use FARR that would be great! ([email protected]).
I'm very new to FARR, the way aliases work and other more complex things like that so any help would be appreciated.
Your suggestion sounds very interesting so I'd love to help out if I can. Good way to learn some more about FARR as well.
If I'm stuck I can always "bother" Mouser, hehe.




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