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Looking for a Profile Desktops

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DesktopX is too much if ur using a UMPC  :( or maybe good for fast computers

this thread is followed up by:

Dexpot allows you to run commands when you switch desktop, so i suspect you could get it to swap files in and out, but performance would probably suck (unless it was just shortcuts). But I can imagine swapping in / out desktop shortcuts and shortcuts in the startbar would work OK. Dexpot also provides an overview mode of all your desktops, you can see it in a screencast here:

 :-[  if changing the real desktop to a separate folder is very complicated, how about not touching it and create another replica of it in a separate desktop files/folders environment functions(taskbar is not affected).. "Profiled" desktop somehow similar to windows login profile user's files/folders environment, but the idea is organizing a single profile's work desk.. a separate "work desk"(table desk) for each type of work profiles.. i hope/wish there's a coder out there who can work it to something like this: (click it ~ to show)

ok.. this ends here.. this post is just for inquiring, my "request" post is located at:

While downloading lovely hi-res prints of Hieronymous Bosch and Dante's Inferno, I saw this linked at the great visipix, have you tried it:



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