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Looking for a Profile Desktops

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Laughing Man:
I don't see how you could do it without virtual desktops? Maybe it's refined virtual desktops? Unless you mean when I switch roles, everything in the gaming section is ended/killed when I switch to media role.


my idea was simply to change from one set of icons on desktop to another
nothing else

I don't see how you could do it without virtual desktops?
--- End quote ---
I have no idea - I've never even used Virtual desktops cause they're overkill for what I had in mind

eg I could have my empty desktop,
shift+Tab or whatever to Graphics, office, tools

I think psionics has a similar idea but with a fancier gui :)

Laughing Man:
Dunno the cube in the picture reminded me of Beryl/Compiz Fusion. Though I don't think there's a way to indicate a seperate icon set for each desktop yet in there either..

.. the idea is just to switch desktop.. (I think, tapping the edge of the desktop or a backspace to go back to overview mode..)

.. and to relocate the desktop in a separate folder (e.g. D:\Desktop\productive_desktop\)

.. overview mode, as i can see it, will only act as a shortcuts to the profiled desktop folders.. ideas: widgets, image maps ~ any imaginations

.. RE: "Virtual Desktop" = nope, this is using only 1 taskbar for opened windows and just browsing a different desktop folders.. (from Tomos: "programmes shown in taskbar aren't affected") is right

.. the cube came from HTC Touch idea(i'm thinkin about a "medium size frame for in-frame window" then it will overlap the cube's edge when rotated.. designs ideas.. NOT related to this "desktop profiles" btw)

.. the GUI example is just an example... i can also help in designing.. thanks for the replies btw n_n


I think You can actually create something like that in Stardock DesktopX

multiple desktops will be available in desktop right click with different icons(links),
and, if i remember well, even widgets etc.; moreover they load pretty fast


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