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Looking for a Profile Desktops

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Is there a software where you can have a Profile Desktop?

* where you can relocate Desktop Files as a "separate folder" in your hard drive

* where you can select a Desktop Profile with a Zoom In and Zoom Out Function (Zoom Out is the Desktop Selector or an overview of all profiled desktops, Zoom In is the current selected desktop with shortcuts/files/folders/orThemes)

* a Profile Desktop is generally to organize your files from Work/Projects/Gaming/Internet/ETC as it is very useful for people whose desktop is full of files/folders


I'm actually a little interested in the idea.. maybe you can describe it in more detail what you are wanting and how it woudl be used?

Ralf Maximus:
Let me take a stab at it, as I *think* I understand what psionics is requesting...

Similar to the way every Windows user gets their own desktop & start button, this would be an easy way to swap desktop layouts.  Users could define "work", "play", "media playback" (etc) profiles and activate them whenever the computer's role needs to change.

All without setting up separate user accounts or using that dreadful "fast user switching" feature in Windows.

Am I close?

an easy way to swap desktop layouts ... All without setting up _____ -Ralf Maximus (October 26, 2007, 08:18 AM)
--- End quote ---
without using virtual desktops

I think that's part of request, psionics?
if not,
well that's what I would like :P

main difference i believe not using Virtual Desktops is that programmes shown in taskbar aren't affected


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