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these new cheap core 2 due laptops - any good?

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Ralf Maximus:
W00t!  Love it when no-cost solutions work.


oh, well, if you say it really works then i better actually do it...

Really???  This works...? Do you mean that my 1.5 year battery would "get back" its lost power just by putting it in the freezer?

My notebook came with two batteries - a small one (6 cell?) and a larger one (9 cell?). When it was new three years ago, the big battery was good for 4-5 hours and the small one for about 2.5 hours. This spring the big battery was good for about 1.5 hours and the small one for about 45 minutes. I had the big battery rebuilt before going on a research trip in Belgium and it's good for about 3 +/- hours... Rebuilding it was *supposed* to make it last longer than new (ie longer than 5 hours), so I was a bit disappointed with the expensive rebuild. I bunged the smaller one in the freezer the night Ralf posted the tip (two nights ago?) and retrieved it last night. It's good for just over 2 hours... Works for me!

EDIT: removed a split infinitve. It's a generational thing, I suppose, but a split infinitive is worse than fingernails on a chalk board. Whoops! I guess that idiom has been relegated to the history pile as well...


Will try that with my old one when the new one arrives from Hong Kong  next week!

(My story is a bit different : my first Dell battery -- bought with my Inspiron in June 2006 -- completely stopped working normally after 6 months. I got a new one freely from Dell in January 2007-- 9 cells. Was good for about 3.5 hours. In September, it only lasted for 2.2-2.5 hours. Now it lasts for 1.5-2 hours MAX, which means that after about 10 months, it lost  almost 50% of its original capacity. This sounds like jgpaiva's story.  :( )


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