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Multiple monitor setup - need some guidance

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Thanks Lanux, I upgraded to a GEForce 6200 [512 MB). It's identical to the Geforce 5200 as far as output jacks are concerned but the DVI output isn't lacking.

Right now my challenge is to make an older PC with an AGP 2x slot accept the now unused 5200 which is 4/8 x... don't suppose there's anyway to put off a mobo upgrade.

that shouldn't be a problem, your card will just run at 2x speed.. i've once had a 8x AGP running on a 2x AGP P3 mainboard.. :)

The card was recognized by the BIOS (it displayed the onboard RAM) but XP kept showing a "not enough resources" error in Device Manager, it however was unable to show me specific resource conflicts and wouldn't even allow me to change the allocated resources. Some people online said what you just told me, others seemed to resolve the problem by increasing the AGP aperture size (no idea how that worked) and yet others by upgrading their BIOS chip.
I did manage to upgrade it to a P3 board with a 4X slot (old hardware is SO hard to find  :-\ ) and now it works.


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