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How do you tag (or even organize) your files?

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Good idea! 8)

On a slightly tangential potential future tagging route, I just stumbled on the Mcnucle server:

The general ideas are a metadata driven tagging system at its base (seems to use spotlight?), multiple views of files (via tags / ratings / projects) in smart-folders, and a built-in server to abstract this metadata'd "stuff" out to any machine in the æther. You can send links of individual files to friends they can get from the server, but more interesting is you can share your metadata. Allow family to see photos from a tagged set, it doesn't matter where it is on your machine, you don't need to zip it up, just share it...

Prosaically, you can use this as I use SSH now to get to my work machine from home, except all my tags are preserved and browsable. But what is neat, is that you can aggregate tagged data from machines anywhere. So tagged stuff at work can get aggregated into my laptop tag search results even if I'm in an Airport in China. The server is OS X only (all written in Java so hopefully it will get ported) but the client runs under OS X or Windows and parts in any browser. Currently in beta but very intriguing.

Slightly tangential, but definitely interesting. Thanks for sharing that, nontroppo!

I like to think I'm organized but I can see I'm out of my depth here with you super-organized dudes.

Anyway, just to share...

I personally have two ways, as an X2 user I can color code files and even folders depending on any kind of attribute or metadata so it's only limited by the imagination.
I use a few tags that I set in the file comments, rather than filenames coz I prefer to keep the original filenames.
x2 lets me:
1. add/edit comments in bulk
2. display comments in details view (though I see no need for this coz I don't have an overly complicated system of tags and color coding is good enough, not to mention a lot of fun to eff with  ;))   
3. search on comments.

How do you tag (or even organize) your files?

If I want to rate a bunch of music files (1-5), I just rate them as they play in Winamp and then batch edit the comments from within winamp using the ml functions, voila! - the files immediately show up with their rating colors in x2. The ratings can be imported back if winamp ever loses its data.

Putting your tags right into the filenames is definitely a safer/more reliable way, though if the names get too long it may actually end up being counterproductive if you're seeing a whole lot of files at once (not that you'd see that many to start with if they have such long names!). My method targeted mainly at comments is not as robust or as effortless as I would like it to be, but it serves the purpose. And colors, did I mention colors!!  :-*

Another relatively simple favorite of mine is to have ahk text replacements for current date+time, this way say if a friend regularly sends me pix I just have one main folder for the person and sub folders named something like "20071026 005818", I like the Japanese date format coz it's best for sorting, those guys! :)

do you have a link for x2 can't find it with google.


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