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Bloons Tower Defense TWO

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Long write up by

Ninja Kiwi:
Yeah I saw that. It's pretty cool when we get a write up there...

Lots of cool strategy to employ.. i'm enjoying it a lot.

Hi there I just joined to let you all know that BTD3 has just been launched exclusive to Ninja Kiwi. Would love to know your thoughts!
-Ninja Kiwi (September 01, 2008, 10:20 PM)
--- End quote ---

If its anything like any of your other games (including Bloons 1 and 2) I'm sure it will be great.  Will be checking it out later tonight.

The coolest things about the bloons tower defense (and #3 in particular) is how fun it is to try out all the different "tower" monkeys and all their different upgrades.  clearly one of the most amusing set of upgrade options seen in any tower defense game  :up:


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