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Firefox Extension Contest (deadline december 2007) - DC CODING CONTEST TOO

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Mozilla is holding an official firefox extension coding contest, and because nothing would make me happier than seeing some DonationCoders enter this contest, we are going to run OUR OWN VERSION OF THIS CONTEST to coincide with the official one.

DC Members who enter the official firefox contest by coding an extension will be considered for a prize from DC, and will get a cool custom rare Cody mug commemorating the contest.

So let's get some DonationCoder presence in this contest!

Extend Firefox2 - Contest Details
Will you be the brain behind the next great Web innovation? Do you have the drive to take your Firefox Add-on idea to the masses? Are you ready to affect everyday life for millions of people around the world?

Extend Firefox is a developer contest to encourage development and innovation in Web experience through add-ons to Firefox 2.

This edition of the Extend Firefox contest runs until December 31st, 2007. A panel of judges will award three Grand Prizes and twelve Runner-up Prizes based upon excellence in user experience, innovativeness and use of open standards.

--- End quote ---

Three Grand Prize winners will each receive an Ultimate Firefox Developer Kit, including:

Travel and accomodation to a Mozilla Developer Day of the winner's choice, anywhere in the world
Development gear, including a brand new 15" Macbook Pro with VMware Fusion and ActiveState Komodo
1 Year Unlimited Access subscription to O'Reilly's Safari Library
Firefox Ogio Messenger Bag stuffed with t-shirts, books, stickers, mugs and more
Twelve Runner-Up Prize winners will each receive a Firefox Pack, including:

Firefox Ogio Messenger Bag stuffed with t-shirts, books, stickers, and more
ActiveState Komodo, mug, and t-shirt
A $200 Gift Certificate for O'Reilly Books
All qualified entrants will receive, while supplies last, a Limited Edition Extend Firefox T-Shirt.
--- End quote ---


DC will give out a special custom Cody mug to the first 5 donationcoder members who enter this contest (whether you win or not).

DC is going to offer a nice big prize to the best firefox extension(s) to come from a DC member! So all you DC coders who have been waiting for an excuse to write a firefox extension, wait no longer!

sorry, I posted a message here that was meant for this thread:
I removed it here now. Mouser: When first browsing different pages on donationcoder forum in Maxthon and then logging in to post in one of them then after passing the authentication I think donationcoder sometimes redirects me back not to the thread I started out in but instead to one of the threads already active in another tab. Could that be due to some error in the donationcoder forum code?

Since I posted in this thread I might as well say something on topic also: I think a firefox plugin mirroring the functionality of the Maxthon 2 feature Text Filter ( ) would be very useful. But maybe it's too complex a project or not doable as a plugin. I'm not yet capable of coding any plugin myself so I'm just voicing an idea here.

It's quite interesting because I could come up with good ideas but won't be able to code them. If that's appreciated however I can try and come up with a few gems ;)

Also could you recommend some sort of "getting started guide to developing firefox extensions" and which languages are used? I'll keep following this with a close eye :)I found some here but obviously quality and differ. Looks like its pretty approachable language wise too.


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