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You're very welcome to do that, Clif.  I have a paragraph I want to add to the text later.  You could p.m. me with an email address, and I'll let you have the completed text.

You know what would be nice, maybe we can make a little small graphic icon representing reviews and user mini-reviews, that sites like cliff's can use when they use to identify something from

Thanks cliff, maybe we should
1) make a sticky post in the Official Announcements section about image hosting sites.
2) get a consensus for which site might be best (and add it to Links page).

so, people have opinions on which service is best?

What kind if a small banner?

yeah, something like images here:

but specifically indicating some content to read more about on

maybe i could just add a line of text to that middle one saying something like "Read the Review" or something.


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