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HelpMaker v8 introduction

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this is an introduction to HelpMaker v8.

When you login, you get a list of databases to connect to:

Select a database, and you login to that database:

The main screen is divided into the left (folders) and right (document list) panel.
The document list panel has the name of the document, document number, and document version (for storing multiple versions of the same document).

The folder has properties you can edit:

There are many kinds of documents you can insert into HelpMaker:

It includes it's own HTML Editor with Syntax Editor


The problem with all documents, is the capture of knowledge that goes behind the document creation.


HelpMaker includes it's own image storage facilites, so images are stored in database (rather than on disk).
(This was a major issue we had with HelpMaker 7.3)


HelpMaker includes it's own RTF editor.


Helpmaker includes it's own Text Editor, so you can edit those php, css and other text files.


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