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Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

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basically helps you print your photos,
but, it has to be said: it helps a lot,
which it would want to for its price(s)...  ;)
Qimage is our world renowned batch printing and processing software.

    * Optimal print quality regardless of size [see first image below]
    * Optimal arrangement of prints on page
    * Mix and match different size prints on each page
    * Print cropping tool remembers all your crops
    * User controllable final print "smart sharpening"
    * Fully ICC aware color management
    * View slide shows, send photos via e-mail
    * Batch convert, create files for photo labs, etc.
    * Automated job log, save and recall jobs/settings!
    * 30 day trial available: see demo link on left
    * Free lifetime upgrades!
    * More...

Qimage is now available in Lite, Professional, and Studio Editions.
Only pay for the features you need!  Click for feature comparison.

    * Lite Edition: $34.95
    * Professional Edition: $49.95
    * Studio Edition: $89.95You can upgrade from one version to next for the cost difference
Compare Features Link

Support Forum
Qimage Support Forum (@ Forums)

Animated gif from Qimage website:

I just downloaded the trial today -
I have tried it before but was too busy last trial around to get to know it well -
I still dont know it atall well but was taking some screenshots & wanted to propose it
for a discount attempt so thought I'd make a post about it.

Trial is valid for 30 days -
same as Pro version but second and further images have a grid superimposed -
if you print one image & restart, you're okay - but if you want to print more than one image on a page, you're not!

Main Window:

Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

Context Menu from Layout Page on the right in main window

Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

Here you can place & crop very exactly:

Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

This is the batch filter from context menu above.
You can reduce noise - preview window in centre has noise reduction applied on right hand side only
Also adjust colours/levels/etc quite comprehensively.
You can save all settings to new file or as a filter file with gets saved with the original -
Qimage will pick up on when you revisit folder

Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look

I chose this foto cause it's iso400 which is fairly noisy in this camera.
I haven't used noise reduction software much so cant say how this compares -
noise reduction looks good but does make image "softer" which is the norm I think.
There's an iso noise reduction filter & a shadow noise reduction filter.
Calls it's sharpening smart

this doesnt show much but I liked the look of it :P
Qimage, "Professional Photographic Printing Software" - a second look
again right hand side has noise reduction

It does make really nice prints, easily!
Probably super if you want to print lots of images - me, I'm so fussy I print one image ten times instead of ten once  :)
You can add profiles - printer, monitor.. I'm getting out of my depth here already ...check your printers ppi resolution (not ink dpi) which helps Qimage to resize/interpolate the image in better way
I think I'm only getting to know this programme but in spite of gui struggles (see below) it really works quite simply, cleanly, & well out of the box

With enlargements it is very impressive

Layout is very flexible too but every time I go back to it I struggle with finding an easy way to fit more than one image to a page
Lets just say theres a steep learning curve in spots & it's probably worth printing the manual & taking it off to bed with you...

Really to do a proper "review" of this you'd have to compare prints from this & other apps -
previously I've used Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint which comes with their printers but can also
be downloaded (free) from their website (I found it under printers[you have to follow up a particular printer -
try one of the pixma ones]/downloads but I dont have link anymore...)
It makes a lovely print (well on my canon printer at any rate) but isn't very flexible layoutwise nor for editing

Keeping in mind that I really want this software, I'm going to get my gripes out of the way too.

I find charging almost double price for Studio edition,
whose main advantage is it can read RAW files a bit, well, rich :-\ especially
in this day an age where everyone & their mother can use raw images

The gui I'm finding very difficult to get to know - stuff seems to be all over the place,
often in very unexpected places. Stuff one would expect a button for hidden in context menus.
In fairness there's many different aspects covered but GUI could still be a lot more intuitive.
Also, space is wasted, unnecessary toolbars cant be turned off, preview of layout doesnt fill available space..

And I'm sorry to have to say it:
out of the box it is ugly :P -
I had to change a few settings & skin (new since last trial, thank you!) to get it more usable
(they have this autosetting for "closed panels" enabled by default which makes them twitch nervously &
disappear unexpectedly..), and so that I could bear looking at it - (am I really superficial  :-\ )

dont know does that qualify as a review -
more of a second look as I say in the title, but with screenshots.

Mouser - move as you see fit  :D

definitely a mini-review and belongs here.  :up:

Nice job, tomos  :Thmbsup: I must say that the little animation that you include, showing the differneces in pixelation in a picture of a car's wheel when processed with a photo editor and with Qimage is compelling. You've made me want to take a look!

Beth UK:
I have been using Qimage for a long time now and agree it is a good, mature program. The Studio version does also have an extra algorithm or two as well as RAW reading.

The GUI has always been a little... quirky - at least to my way of thinking but you do get used to it over time. It's worth remembering also that Qimage will only ever be as good as your printer - it will maximise the quality of your printers output but, obviously, will always be limited by that.

I know one or two people who just use Qimage for image re-sizing and not for printing at all!

Updates are regular - several throughout the year - with changes and verson history always given on the web site.


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