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SQLNotes...what is it exactly?

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This is truly excellent! Thank you Tom for the announcement and link, and a very special thank you to Jibz for creating this and making it available to us!!   :D  :-*  :P


Unfortunately, I headed over to the IQ forum to see what else is going on and getting from one page to another got to be longer than 3 minutes! As usual I gave up. Someone HAS to get that website fixed....  Armando, Tom, you guys have pull!

eheh... Yes, I know what you mean. The thing is, I don't think more time and money will be invested on the website/server side at this stage of development -- probably more around the release of V1.

--> Usually it works though... There are periods of the day where it's damn slow though... I agree. The download area is always responsive though.


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