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Personal Movie Organizers - A quick rundown

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Ok, I think I've found a good solution to my needs. It turns out the HTPC crowd is way ahead of the pc folk at solving this particular problem, i.e. cataloging and presenting movies in a nice UI and automating the whole process. I have  zero interest in adding my own notes/data since all this information already exists at Imdb etc.

I'm experimenting with XBMC Atlantis (, Meedios ( as well as MediaPortal (

The UI's and the abilities these have for media organization look like they are light years ahead of all the pc apps discussed here.

e.g. take a look at these -

Ghacks wrote about MBase yesterday.

It has some way to go but looks quite promising.

A few things I really like about this app:

* Grid view with thumbs for posters, directors and top actors.

* Filters - Multi-select a bunch of values under various categories and the list on the right is narrowed down accordingly.
Personal Movie Organizers - A quick rundown
(scroll to the right to see the whole thing)
* Actors: I love the way this part is presented. Not only does it list out all the movies in your collection featuring an actor but it also shows you their character name and age at the time of release.

I would love to transfer my whole collection and play with the program some more but it only imports its own format(s) so far. v2 is still in beta so one can hope for the best.

I use Ember MM, for all my movies, It sync's the database to XBMC too, and downloads everything to do with movies inc trailer if u want it

Which ones of these offer portable versions? I am especially interested in a media database, which can not only catalog CDs & DVDs, but can also scan the portable drive for files, and download information from IMDB etc. automatically. Thanks. :-)

I've just made a large relevant post in this other thread:

- Oshyan


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