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What are Your Top Tech/Software Podcasts?

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Just the RSS links, without descriptions:

The best software for netcasts (podcasts) is Ziepod, that is free and has also a built-in directory of the best shows sorted by categories, for easy one-click subscription.

 Address :

I like "Cranky Geeks" with John C. Dvorak.  Covers tech news of the week.

Good! Thanks for those additional links! I'll check them all out.

I'm not too much of a podcast listener, but I did enjoy listening to NosillaCast podcast, which i discovered when one of my programs was mentioned on it:

It's tech and software from a novice end-user perspective, focuses a bit on mac, and everything is done with some humour and curmudgeony flavor.

I've always liked the magazine Maximum PC, and I almost always find their podcast entertaining.


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