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What are your top 10 Tech/Software Blogs?

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Joel on Software - very opinionated, brash, in-your-face, know-it-all New York style of commentary but worth reading if you value an honest and sometimes critical view of software development and the state of technology.

Joel is a very good writer but it seems in the last year or two the only thing he ever writes about is pure self-promotion.  i miss the more general insightful posts he used to make but at this point i don't even bother checking out his blog.

at least he hasn't gotten as bad as robert scoble yet :-\

Paul Graham is one of the writers on creative tech business stuff.  he writes in essay form but no matter what you call it, he is good:

Paul Graham is indeed classic. Sam Hiser is another I like who hits on a wide variety of tech topics.

I read too many blogs and news sites already! I cant keep up anymore...

I like when they bash services and websites.

In Germany you can't get around reading heise and golem; programmers should read worse than failure. I will not mention slashdot because they are too slow.


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