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What are your top 10 Tech/Software Blogs?

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mouser, I'm with you on this one — here's nine, since you covered a couple of my favs.
OSNews — Reports on every OS out there, and sadly, all the damn lawsuits.
Bob Sutor — Bob's Open Blog covers a lot of interesting ground, and not always on software.
Rob Weir — Where logic and tech meet, and tech doesn't always come out ahead.
Steven Sinofsky — His I Started Something Windows blog is funny and pretty classy.
Groklaw (Pamela Jones) — Giving Microsoft and other corporations pure hell, and jeez, the woman is superhuman-smart.
NixCraft — GNU/Linux administration and tips. I learn something new every day.
Grand Stream Dreams — An incredible comparative software blog that does a lot of heavy lifting to find the best apps.
Flow|State UI — A blog about UI design; moreover, what not to do.
Adam Eiberger — His Inkwell hardware blog isn't just techcrunch, he takes you behind the scenes on what motivates newer/better everything.

I don't read blogs that much unless there is something specific. I'm just short on time for it, and prefer to waste what I have in forums. :D

I might check out some of them though. I'll need to find a good aggregator though to save time reading them. Newsgator perhaps? Not sure... Haven't really played with any yet.

My poison is podcasts. Can't get enough to fill my commute time at the moment. If anyone does, please post good tech or software podcasts here.

There are also :

Digital Inspiration :

Lifehacker :

Both are similar to CybernetNews.

1.  Sarah in Tampa

2.  Clif Notes Freewarewiki  but this is perhaps more a newsletter

The other eight I just forget for the moment    ;)

Cliff's Newsletter is a must read:

We need to start a new thread of our top newsletters don't we?


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