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VERY nice! ...but


Thank you very much for this program. It is exactly what I have been looking for.

Very nice interface and a good set of features.

...but, I have to re-enter my Preferences each and every time I start my computer, and I guess that's not an intended feature...  :-[

Is it the program or my computer? Whichever the reason, is there a way to have it "remember itself"?

Thank you,


can i ask you to test one thing for me -
if you change some settings, then exit the program (fully exit it by right-clicking on system tray icon and choosing Exit),
and then restart it from start menu, does it remember the settings then?
i.e. is it only when you restart computer that it forgets settings, or every time you restart program?

are you using windows xp/2k? do you know if you are logged in with a restricted account?

Problem solved  :)

I think, however, that you may have to fix something, unless -of course- this happens only to me. Let me explain:

- Exiting the program saves the settings, rebooting does not
- When I saved my settings by exiting the program and then reopened it,  restarting the computer kept the settings
- Before doing this I was always presented with the initial "setup-the-program" window

FWIW: WinXP/SP1, no restrictions

thanks very much sandro - it sounds like the program is probably not saving its settings when it is shutdown with windows -
i will fix this right away since it will surely afflict everyone!

very much appreciated bug report.

if you have feature requests i'd love to hear them - check the todo list in the help file for stuff i already plan to add.


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