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Carol Haynes:
I am trying to find a way to get quick and easy access to accented characters for a friend.

At the moment I am using PerfectMenu to generate a popup menu in any application when Alt is depressed with a list accented characters and it works well.

Trouble is it is using the clipboard to pass the single characters and conseqeuntly CHS picks them all up.

Would it be possible to have an option in CHS to ignore clips < n characters long ?

i need to add a feature to chs that let's you tell it to ignore certain apps, and ignoring pastes smaller than n characters is a good idea too. both should solve your problem.  let me try to get a new release of process tamer, screenshot captor, and chs out in the next week.

Carol Haynes:
Cheers - that's great

btw -
i apologize to everyone for not doing more work on CHS in a while - it really does need a lot more work to be a good application.
i have not abandoned it - it's just taking a little longer than i planned to get to another round of work on it.

you can now specify applications to ignore.


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