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Versioning of files

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Ralf Maximus:
What I have works, and does not depend on a proprietary system (no matter how nice).  I know where *everything* is without having to delve into a UI, without trusting that the next version will work or even be released.  I can access my archives using any computer, so long as it can decode ZIP files and edit ASCII.

But whatever works for you, tin.  Nothing proves a concept better than success.


FileHamster is what you are looking for. Some suggestions for you:

* If you want to take notes while working on the file, instead of waiting until you make a save. Use the Notes Window Plugin.
* Note that you can tweak the settings to change how your files are saved. For example you can keep the last X number of saves. But note that at each version you can override that by choosing to lock that version so that it won't be autodeleted.-tinjaw (October 05, 2007, 07:32 PM)
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installed it & tried out with a couple of files

it's looking very good  ( :up: to all :) )
tinjaw: notes plugin does make it a lot easier to use

I havent figured out how to use the zip plugin yet - says it's running but cant find any options related to it..
I might invest in their Report Window Plugin I mentioned above (post #21) just to see, & support too
(@ only 10$ I can feel good about supporting - I even get something extra for it!)

I guess this would then replace my incremental backup :-\.

I havent figured out how to use the zip plugin yet - says it's running but cant find any options related to it..
-tomos (October 06, 2007, 08:02 AM)
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There is a plugin section in the help file.

Zip Plugin

Storing revisions of all your files can take up quite a bit of space.  With the zip plugin you can reduce the amount of space used by these revisions.

You can enable zipping of revisions in the context menu for a watch in the watch tree.  Just right click your watch or  document, choose options from the menu and change the ZipRevisions option for the zip plugin to True.  You may also select your preferred type of compression.-FileHamster Help File
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thanks tinjaw 

 :-[ I actually looked up the help file - but
using the index, where it doesnt give you that info - i live & learn..

Is it easy to keep backups of the versions that FileHamster keeps (complete with the comments of course)? And, how would it work if I would like to keep two FileHamster's on two computers synchronized?, would I be able to use a software that synchronizes files with the versions that FileHamster keeps?


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