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What about web-based (php, ruby, python, etc) DC coders doing some web snacks?

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Favourites Server Side is a small web (asp or php) app to enable one to search a set of Internet Explorer Favourites of Bookmarks from any computer that has Internet Web access. It can be found at

It is completely free.


Hey chris -- i'm sorry i didn't respond to your post until now -- The demo pages showing it in action seem to be down at the moment but, very neat idea!  :up:

Anyone else want to show off some web scripting you've done?

Or volunteer to create a fun new service for dc members? I have a few ideas I can suggest, but i think the fun thing might be to just try to round up some people ready to create some web stuff and take suggestions.

If you are just getting your feet wet and aren't sure if you are ready to try creating a public program, drop by the programming school section of this forum and do a few exercises..

Oops. The test is now there Try searching for "quick" or "donation"


very nice  :Thmbsup:

Does anyone want to take a try at creating the CodyTasks idea that we tossed around a little while ago?

The idea is to have a script that would keep track of some # of tasks and who had completed each one.

Some more details, keeping things as simple as possible:
Admin can create a text file (or database table) that lists tasks.
At first i think the task completion will be completely on the honor system, so users should see the list of tasks and be able to check tasks they complete.  Eventually it would be nice to be able to say some tasks can only be marked complete for a user by the page admin.
So when a user visits the page the script should look up their username and show them the list of all tasks and which ones they have accomplished, and let them mark tasks they have completed.  Where do user names come from?  We will interface the script to the forum database, so the script should simply include a function call to "getusername" which will sometimes simply return null, meaning the user isnt logged in and so there is nothing for them to do.
Lastly, we would also want it so users could see a list of all people who have accomplished tasks.

Any takers?


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