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pop up wisdom and corkscrews


Mouser. I really like the popup wisdom program. clean, efficient and effective. I am not entirely a disinterested party though. With Jim Egan I co authored the Corkscrews that are the default book of saying. But this posting is more to make a point that has to do with differences between computers and books. The corkscrrews never were really widely circulated or read. But the problem with them was always  that, in book form, a page of them always distracted from appreciating and thinking about any particular one you happened to read. The next one always presseed tightly against it whereas the corscrews work when they have time to unwind in your head.  Popped up at regular intervals you have a chance to think about what you read.

Thanks again for the program.



i think they fit perfectly with the program and was nice to be able to include a unique set of quotes from you - thanks for donating them.

Here's another...unless it's already included: "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."


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