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IDEA: Large file generator

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I would like a simple little utility for creating large test files rather like 'bigfile' under UNIX.

Basically all that should be required is to give the path/filename of the file to create, the file size in bytes/kb/mb etc and the byte to fill the file with from 0-255 (or 00-FF hex).

I have an old DOS utility which does a similar thing but DOS has a few size limitations so a native Windows utility would be great.

skrommel - before you start!!! -> i know this must exist several times over in freeware land.

Yeah, that's what I thought but I've not been having much luck finding one that allows the creation of files with a given binary value.  Here is one that is close, but no cigar: -

It seems to only allow creation of files with ASCII characters and only lets you input the file length in bytes, not bytes/kb/mb/gb.  If someone does know of such a tool I'd be interested.  ;)

good point - it's easy enough to write that if you have some odd requirements regarding the bytevalue you want and the size in nice format, then its a tiny enough request to warrant writing.

i'll write this for ya if for some reason the heavens crash down and skrommel doesn't want to :)

 :) AutoHotkey really isn't up for this task,  being without binary file support, and as a script language it's quite slow, but here goes a version with code stolen from Chris at the AutoHotkey forum.

BigByte - Create accurately sized files.

- Very slow on big files! Much faster on big files!
- Create binary or ascii files.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.



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