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Back up files with a printer and scanner

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Carol Haynes:
If you just want to have an off chance that you'll be able to watch Shrek 2 in 50 years time, tape it off the TV and stick it in the back of a cupboard somewhere, and hope you'll be able to pick up a working VCR from an antique shop in half a century.

- legal under UK copyright law, by the way   Wink
--- End quote ---

Actually technically not. It is legal to video stuff from TV to watch it at a time other than its broadcast time. Strictly it isn't legal to keep that copy in perpetuity to watch whenever you want or to archive it. That is what purchased VHS and DVD is currently for. Not that any one in the UK takes any notice of such regulations.

I should have read the entire thread before making my first post here - Ralf's points about (in this post) are both spot on (in my opinion) and very funny  ;D

Wow  :huh:
You know I just thought it was cool somebody thought of it and took the time to code it.
Must of been quite the learning experience.

I like the idea that someone did it just because he could.

cpilot  - It's not obvious from my posts above, but I agree with you completely. Future-proof (or cost effective) or not, this IS cool  :Thmbsup:

Maybe it can also be used to make quite an original b-side of a business card, with some zipped files in: company logo, a VCARD with alla the contacts data, something like that...


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