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DONE: BlowUp or Read?

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That narrator is truly an annoying program.  Seems to read Windows events (not that well) and since I tend to switch between applications often it is too slow to keep up...

Works, but very badly - unless I'm missing something...

Magnifier works very well though.  Seems like Magnifier in conjunction with a good speech application would do the trick...

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Veign - thought it was me ...

Didn't help I had Processor Tamer running and it didn't like Narrator ...

useful page:

Carol Haynes:
I can't believe some of the profession prices on that page - "Magic" even charges $20 for its demo !!!

useful page:
-mouser (September 28, 2005, 05:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

Looks like this would do the job for making the screen bigger for those with Low Vision without a doubt.
With this located (thank you) that portion is solved, now the other half, and I just haven't found anything that seems to hit the mark, but still looking out here.


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