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DONE: BlowUp or Read?

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you know,
this could be a project that, if at the end we still thought there was a lot of room for a freeware tool,
that i would feel comfortable going to companies like borland or microsoft and component authors, and pitch the idea of them donating tools in order to reward a programmer who wanted to take on the job of writing an open source tool for this.

but im still hoping there is an existing open source tool set that does 90% of what you want, and it will take some more days of searching before giving up that hope.

Carol Haynes:
TextAloud is available for $29.99 and whilst that doesn't give the best sound quality it does work quite well.

I'd like to get some other opinions on this software (it is FREE! to download, like $20 to buy) It's called NOA.

Here is the link to it.

This one is yet another that simply reads, it seems that there are many of them,

It is helpful, true, but what about the magnify side. I know there is a utility that is also freeware that will magnify just what is under the cursor, but that is it, what about the entire line? and then read that line to the user.

I truely hope I find something that will work, at least I've came down on the price, but even at that, quality is important as well.

Carol Haynes:
I may be missing something but Microsoft's Windows tools Narrator and Magnify seem to do this.

For some reason though I don't seem to be able to get Narrator to work consistently.

In Windows XP both are unser Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility

asuming you installed them with Windows (otherwise they can be added in the Add/Remove Programs applet as Windows Components).

Can anyone else get Narrator to work as it is supposed to?


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