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alternatives to partition magic/paragon?

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Partition magic salutes me with a "error 1556 while executing batch" when trying to move a partition to unallocated space.

Paragon doesn't even let me move the partition because it's in a different HD.

Any idea how to go about this?


Gnome Partition Editor

You can get in in LiveCD and LiveUSB form for easy use.

Stay away from Partition Tragic. Use Acronis Disk Director instead.

or  : BootIt NG.

Ok thanks.
Actually, I should discuss my partitioning strategy here.
I have a OS partition, a data partition, a music partition and 2 HDs. Right now, OS and Data are in the same HD. These are the two most accessed partitions.

The idea is to put the music partition together with the OS partition on one HD and then the Data partition (pretty accessed) in the other HD... this should give me some faster boot times (well, not boot, but the entire HD activity frenzy once you log in) and general a faster-feeling system.

I'm not sure how much speed improvements I should expect or if it's worth the trouble. Any idea about this? these are 2 160 Gb 5200rpm drives (laptop).

Also, any other recommendations for faster HD access overall? Is it true that you should leave 20% of disk space empty? I have a defragmenter running periodically already.



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