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EverNote beta has some nice new features

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The new EverNote beta is available for testing since september 17.

I’m using it right now. It’s got some nice new features…

Dear EverNoters!

It is our pleasure to announce the release of EverNote 2.2 Beta. New features include:
•   Opening and editing notes in separate windows ("out-of-tape notes")
•   Merging multiple notes
•   Google Desktop Search in EverNote databases
•   Enhanced support for international text input, including Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and others
•   Customizable note views
•   On-screen drawing and shape recognition in Universal Clipper
•   Improved keyboard tape navigation

Many more fixes and improvements are listed on the Release Notes page
Direct download page is

- The EverNote Team
--- End quote ---

 ….and some fixes.

My favorite new feature is probably to finally be able to open several resizable windows for different notes. Very convenient — I’ve been waiting for that one. I might be starting to use EverNote a bit more again. I also like the multiple notes merging feature and enjoy certain bug fix (e.g. : the universal clipper is now behaving properly : before, some web clipped images didn’t show when going through the universal clipper + the fonts didn’t have the proper size  — now everything works well!).  I don't care too much about the Google desktop search thing as I use Archivarius, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Etc.

Never heard of Archivarius before, so I found it via Google.  Looks like a particularly powerful desktop search program.  Armando, why did you choose it over other programs?  This might be worth a separate thread.


Hi Tom,

Nice to see you here!

There are actually some threads here about Archivarius and I believe there are many  DCers who use Archivarius. Some threads and comments :


What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

General brainstorming for Note-taking software

I usually use X1 a lot but will use Archivarius to complement it; 1- double check on X1 searches, and  2- recourse when X1 chokes on a +350p. document. Archivarius is light and reliable, indexes very well (indexes MS word and pdf “comments”, which is important to me), but is certainly not as sexy as X1 and others… and misses a few  features I’d like too see (according to the developer or support person, these features will be implemented “soon”). Oh yes : support is good — they answered my emails very quickly (Darwin had the same experience).


PS : and Archivarius indexes EverNote's databases...  X1 doesn't really. :)

would you install that as a seperate Evernote install?

Hi Tomos,

Actually, no... I live dangerously : I backed up my database and replaced the other version (must say that I checked the forum for any cry for help, complaints about corrupted database and saw... nothing). So far : no problems whatsoever. :)

Have fun!

PS : my database is small : I don't keep as many things as I used to in there anymore.


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