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IDEA: What "Traffic"? ..using ZA Pro.


I run Zone Alarm Pro.  If I put the cursor on the Tray Icon when the red and green lights are blinking, is says "Traffic", but many times when I have NOTHING running, I still see a lot of "Traffic" and I am hoping that if there is not an existing proggy, a coding snack could tell me just what is this "Traffic"... I have explored the extensive menu and everything is very static, not telling me anything about what is going on... altho it seems safe enough, there is still a lot of "Traffic".  I am not looking for a "hook" into ZA, just a button I can click to SEE what the "Traffic" is...  Any ideas greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


If i understand correctly your request, you're looking for something along the lines of a network monitor.

Microsoft has a free one available at:
But i'm pretty sure there should be others a bit more user-friendly.

Here's another one by microsoft:


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