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Why I put a slash before my signature !?

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this is strange...

it's about 10 years now that in I sign my emails with a slash before my name, like this: /Stefano

I remember there was a reason, but I don't remember it anymore !!!!!!!!!

Maybe someone "slashes" his own signature ? WHY ??????



i sign my emails with
--- End quote ---

welcome to the club ;-)

to why i do this...
i guess to separate the signature from the content

I saw this with companies email communication.
If the know each other, the sign with there initials only, like the use just "/JR", instead of "Jerome Rich"

Carol Haynes:
Is it something to do with Usenet? I seem to remember that correctly configure news readers should ignore signatures when they are properly formatted - and I think that involved either / or //

Iirc signatures involve "-- " and not "//"...


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