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I've only been a member for a few months so I may not understand the background but it's starting to seem like FARR 2 is vaporware. Even the download page shows a delayed date of July crossed out over the promise of an August release. It is now almost October and I don't see any real discussion of an actual release date - not that it would be received with any confidence at this point.
It sounded like a good piece of software and I did not install the current version due to the promised features and availability of version 2. Now it seems that version 2 may never actually arrive? Any feedback as to actual status would be appreciated.

for vaporware, the developer teases you with mock-up screenshots with no download links.. on the other hand, Farr2 can be downloaded and being actively updated with plugin support. the latest being the plugin for Locate..

but of course, you are entitled to raise your concern but don't worry Farr2 is working fine as it is now. the public release date is only moot point as i see it.. :)

i've done a really poor job of explaining the delays, and i can definitely understand why people are confused and irritated.

but the bottom line is as lanux says: FARR 2 isn't vaporware, in fact it's being used by tons of people and can be downloaded now.

it's not that FARR 2 hasn't been released -- it's that i've been keeping it as an "unofficial" pre-release longer than planned.  typically with my programs i release the early beta versions publicly and then go on to improve and release as i go.  i thought this time i would try out the approach of keeping a program in an unofficial pre-release state until i was really happy with everything about describing it as in a kind of "final" state, with a new website, tutorial videos, etc. 

that's taking longer than i thought because i've got a few other projects i'm juggling at the same time.


--- ---that's taking longer than i thought because i've got a few other projects i'm juggling at the same time.
don't worry mouser, it's always taking longer than we think...  ;)

But :

* i miss the frequent releases (not one since august 19 ... :()

* hawleyj has a good point, you should really really change that webpage stating :
Public Release Will Happen in
as well as the beginning of the FARR2 thread, i think...


@hawleyj, you should try FARR, this is one of the best piece of software there is :Thmbsup:
it is NO vaporware

Thanks for the responses.
Basically you have said that the available version is reliable and stable.
I had thought about trying FARR 2 but on the download page it is described as an ALPHA PREVIEW release. To me, an alpha version means slow, buggy and prone to crash your computer with amazing regularity. Usually you see alpha releases accompanied by major warnings about possible catastrophic consequences if you are stupid enough to run it without completely backing up your computer first.
This leaves me still conflicted but I guess I will try it.


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