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Looking For Online HTML Page Creator

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I find myself today looking for something that must exist. I need to create a very simple HTML page on a computer where I cannot install software. Yes, I can use MS Word and get a bunch of extra crap in the file, or Notepad and code it by hand. I also know of things like XStandard and Xinha, but those (in their raw state) don't allow me to create a page, and save it off to my local disk as index.html so I can hang it on a webserver. I basically am looking for something like and online version of NVU.

I don't know if you can use a flash drive to run an editor, but I have used EasyHTML on a flash drive a lot in situations where I cannot install an editor. It appears development has stopped on it but it has worked well for me.

just googled this, never tried before: Free Online Web Page Editor.



Great Find Mate! Exactly what I was looking for. I guess your Google Fu was stronger than mine yesterday.  ;)

you're welcome, tinjaw.. i guess i just got lucky.. :)


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