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Shareware that don't have freeware replacements

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Well, I gave up on Tray Wizard. It kept on forgetting that I hid some icons and also didn't allow some of them to display. So, now I'm using TraySaver which is better at managing the system tray. You can get it from The source for it can be found at

You could definitely use your Ubuntu CD (it will take much longer to boot the CD though...). I don't have Ubuntu now, but just find the partition manager : System -> Administration -> GNOME Partition Editor.

You could also read these short explanations :

1.10.7 Hard Drive
1.14 Windows
But I’m pretty sure it’d be easier and quicker with the gparted or partimage editors.
-Armando (October 02, 2007, 10:24 AM)
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Thanks, I will try that.

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I forgot about SpinRite and I guess only if the program has saved your butt then you see
how useful it is. if your computer cannot read your partition info and you run SpinRite which tells you
that the sector is bad you run SpinRite then it is good, you'll worship it.

I got SpinRite when the $1,000.00 / 10meg (thats meg not gig circa 1984) drive wouldnt work anymore and it did its magic and the company was saved.  I think that in this days of $100.00/ 500 gig drives all you have to do ( like I do ) is always have a second copy of your drive. ( I do a daily back up) just swap a drive and you are back in business.

but for the record SpinRite does work.

Well, I gave up on Tray Wizard.-Zero3K (October 02, 2007, 08:17 PM)
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Ever tried RBTray?

I've just tried it. It doesn't do what I want it to do (which is hiding icons already in the system tray).


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