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Shareware that don't have freeware replacements

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might get something on partitioning in this thread
alternatives to partition magic/paragon?

Website Watcher - check websites for updates

SpaceMonger Displays files and folders as boxes, with sizes relative to space taken on disk.
Even though there are some freewares approaching SpaceMonger, SpaceMonger is still far ahead of the lot.

-ppass (September 28, 2007, 10:31 PM)
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I use and to check websites for updates. The best thing is, I don't need to run any application on my PC. They provide free page monitoring services and will report changes to your e-mail. :)

As for SpaceMonger, I've never heard of it, but the original idea was developed by TU/e - it's called Sequoia View, and I've been using that since many, many years. You can get it from here:

Personally, I couldn't find a freeware replacement for SpinRite.

Which linux boot disk are you using ?

I tried 'System Rescue CD', 'Insert', and 'Tom's Boot Disk (floppy). I could not get anything intelligent from any of them, but I heard they are fantastic - for those who know how to use them.

I also tried the Ubuntu live CD. Looks great, but how do I get access to my hard disk?

just for the record edited post above about Parted Magic.

Also found their comment about limitation
Shrinking an NTFS filesystem and its partition is a safe operation for GParted, but moving a large partition has proven to be fatal in too many cases. Moving large partitions with GParted also proves to be slower than just backing up the data and creating a new partition instead. GParted is a great program, but its move feature is too buggy to be trusted.
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(also from )
I used it to increase first partition on drive but I erased other partitions first which worked fine


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